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Rate my Tippmann "M5" Empty Rate my Tippmann "M5"

Post by Hyperion on Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:27 am

This has been an 8 year project and is currently going through MORE changes later this week. I figured I'd start this forum off with a bang and see what everyone thought.

Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8906 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8903 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8899 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8911 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8914 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8925-1 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8927-1 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8928-1 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_8935 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_9193-1 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_9208 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_0912 Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMG_1079

It is from inside to out:
1. Original Style Tippmann A5
2. Red Hot Power Tube
3. Shocktech Delrin Bolt
4. Adjustable spring kit.
5. H.E. E-Grip
6. Rufus Dog E-Grip Switch Pad
7. Tamaco AK removable mag (decorational only, not functional)
8. Proconnect3 Remote Coil
9. Project Salvo Folding Collapsible stock with A5 Adapter
10. Tippmann 3-point sling.
11. Sling mount bolt
12. cRap4 M4 style grip
13. M4 Grip Rail adapter
14. NCStar Mark III Tactical Scope w/ red dot sight mount and sight
15. Turbo T-3 Offset hopper
16. Exalt Speed Feed
17. Action Gear Canada 6in Aluminum floating shroud with four picattiny rails
18. Milsig.ca Rail Armor
19. Streamlight Scorpion Tactical Flashlight with mount
20. Magpul flip up front sight
21. DBoys M203 style Grenade Launcher with 2 S-Thunder Shocker Grenades
22. Lapco Bigshot 12" barrel with Apex tip
23. Apex2 barrel end

Parts to come later in the week:
1. Blue aluminum cocking handle
2. Cyclone aluminum upgrade kit (various pieces)

Stock parts remaining:
1. Outer Shell
2. Entire Cyclone system
3. Rear sight
4. Hammer
5. Cocking Rod
6. Bolt Push rod
7. Screws and bolts

Total Accumulated Value: ~$1,200.00

I'm not even getting into my gear:
Rate my Tippmann "M5" Th_IMAG0682-1

Also check out all the videos here of the gun (and gear) in action:
NDawg606's YouTube Series


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Rate my Tippmann "M5" Empty Re: Rate my Tippmann "M5"

Post by jordorama on Wed May 23, 2012 11:46 pm

that a nice gun Razz

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Rate my Tippmann "M5" Empty Re: Rate my Tippmann "M5"

Post by BattleTeamPaintball on Fri May 25, 2012 1:03 pm

love your marker great!!!!!


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Rate my Tippmann "M5" Empty Re: Rate my Tippmann "M5"

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