Milsig Paradigm vs. Tacamo Kits

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Milsig Paradigm vs. Tacamo Kits Empty Milsig Paradigm vs. Tacamo Kits

Post by ThePinoySquad on Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:10 pm

Well To formally introduce ourselves. We are ThePinoySquad a paintball team who takes paintballing serious. We are teamly from Montreal , but where players across the nation. Now we are all Tippmann holders , and some have TM7 for backups ! Now the questions is : Milsig vs. Tacamo Kits who has a more efficient Mag-Feed and performance WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE PRICE ! Because we are all using Custom Tac-Caps Wink and now some of us want to Mag-Fed ! Lerts u know your opinion ! We are looking foward to it !


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