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Post by Gimlasgod on Tue Apr 09, 2013 11:32 pm

Well, sorry for my absence over the winter, it was hockey season. To the few who liked our page, you can probably tell that it was hacked. No we did not go to Japanese tourneys or any of the other stuff that was posted. I will shortly be putting up a new page, that I can manage myself. (The other page was owned by a ex-team member that chose to leave us and troll the page.) When the page is up, the link will be posted. Lol, so the page is still under construction. Haven't really had time... So we're planning on having a MAJOR organization year. Last season, as many can probably tell. We had no real ambitions or idea of what we were doing. So this year we are going to make sure we have a solid group of TRUSTABLE (no more facebook trolling) guys that will become dedicated, and benefit us as a whole. Again, I will post the link to the new page when it is up. Hopefully we'll be able to sort things out... lol!

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