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Critical Stealth 4 Pack Empty Critical Stealth 4 Pack

Post by PtDoughnut on Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:06 am

The critical stealth pack is mostly everthing i hoped it would be. From the time i saw the video until i had this thing on my back I was excited to see just how well it worked. It works flawlessly with a little practice and only once on a very wet kneeslide i ejected pods with my feet. Fast and quiet, these are 2 points they put across in the video. Its basically as fast as you can flick your fingers behind your back. I actually did have use for the quiet aspect as well, night games. Ever been sitting in the bush in dead silence realizing oh sh*t i have to load? Those people walking up the path are bound to here velcro, but with the stealth pack load and shoot before those suckers even hear the pop of the pod. The one disappointing factor was the durabilty of the GEN 1 model. while mine is limping along until i get to the next tournament, it still works as if it was new. The underbelt is tearing and the hard pod sleave is letting go on the outside two. One of my straps for the pods is also tearing.

All in all this pack is great for $54.99 makes it cheaper then a lot of tournament packs.

Quiet for those certain situations
Comfortable, V2 is even better

Durability is lacking
It is possible to prematurely Eject lol!

I would rate this pack out of the few others i have used a 3.5/5

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